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Posterity and IT's Ancillary View: an Overview of Qve

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We are discussing the Qve Quantum Emulation of a Virtual Server, an advanced topic of emulating a virtual process within the context of a series of blogs found here: The New Virtual: Quantum Emulation

That these small ones should not have lived in vain...


Posterity lives in a land of Light and Shadow.  Often it is obscured by the land we do not yet know.  And wild speculations about it, while continually being proven false, always abound.  Love has a timeless quality to it, and people are often willing to sacrifice, stand in the Gap, to enable others to witness the coming about of a new form, dimension, light or land.  We think this way about Christopher Columbus.  From this great explorer and many other leaders and journalists, we found that documenting and mapping the future is not impossible.

Posterity. 1 : the offspring of one progenitor to the furthest generation. 2 : all future generations.

Such Leaders have created for us a LEGACY.  And we find that BENEFACTION which is retained is often still deeply rooted in both necessity and convention.  The VALUE of this legacy does not diminish.   It is either adapted or replaced by something new.

So is the value of the future in the stars or in the land?  Or is it something we can hold in our hand, or placed far off in some distant world?  Is a diamond ring the symbol of marriage an eternal promise?  Has that promise faded?

Ancillary derives from the English word ancilla, a somewhat rare word that means "an aid to achieving or mastering something difficult." That word derives from Latin, where it meant "female servant."

When we put Posterity (a paternal definition) and Ancillary (a maternal pattern) we found both Tree and Branching in a generational legacy.  And as we studied systems throughout history and throughout many fields including business and scientific theory, we came to realize that symboletry and maps lead to adaptations and do not ever diminish.

This of course led us by course to such concepts as are journalized in The Lord of the Rings.  From earliest childhood we asked ourselves about the predominant placement of maps in important works of fiction.  And we continued to study what these ideas were teaching us about time and space. Also, what legacy was derived from measuring in these concepts and this led us to systems and to Pascal in a very rational matter of course.

We realized that something eternal was at work.  Somehow in the roots of all logic and conditioning, a long generational series of ties abound;  these ties bring about new adaptations and can not be lost without a serious detriment to the prosperity of the project of the world and the universe.  Sir Isaac Newton said reassuringly that he stood on the shoulders of giants that his minor work might receive recognition.

What we have difficulty in reconciling is the land we can not see.  Like Alexander, we believe at times we have no worlds to conquer.  And yet the ideas of the breaking down of concepts which have generationally stood the test of time, keep revealing ancillary measures and conclusions which should reveal to us new ways, new forms, and the coming about of a new system theory.

What is missing from us presently is a large degree of faith.  Bridging knowledge can not come about without Faith.  And sometimes it has to be a divine measure of faith in the face of a greater evil.  That is what is called bridging the gap, and that is what Columbus did.

People, believing the world was flat, refused to accept another concept, and portrayed the delusion that a world of monsters lay about and all around the undiscovered territory.  Columbus on the other hand, using mathematics and being led by his greatest intuitive qualities (or perhaps his deepest fears,)  journeyed on this path to discovery.  He achieved much for European expansion, but a much greater legacy was purchased.

If one speaks of the Owner of this World with any degree of Faith, others act as though it is pure lunacy.  We, on the other hand, have understood his guidance from earliest childhood and only acknowledge that leadership with a large degree of humility.  HE is a genius beyond any order known.  His ways are beyond us, and if that means he appears to be lying about the order of everything, it also describes the coming about of a new order.

We have been ancilliary to his leadership which is our only posterity.  We have been, in the strictest sense of loyalty, his maid servant.  And he has generously rewarded our service with a kind of Diamond in a Tree.


People jokingly say that all we will ever possess is a bird house.  We interestingly studied this proposition, why would everything become smaller, what is the purpose of format, and where does the idea of expansive thinking take place?  These concepts took us through many forms and architectures, and we learned to think more fluidly, more scientifically and more unconventionally.  Because we learned to pattern our thinking on great thinking; and certainly greater thinking than our own.

It is difficult as we were children to look about and be told not to think of the tree as belonging to this world.  We look at the smiling genius suspiciously as though he were telling us some tale of wonderland, rather than a genius tale of systems, we did not yet understand.

But within his realm, is a large taxonomy of library and META Frame, which holds as its conditional repository a branching legacy of particalized information, held down to its infinite level of root.  And there we learned the real meaning of engineering and discovery.

What we came to realize was that he intended to build onto his system a production-based system that was far greater than what this universe could ever become.  And we learned that there were any number of barriers and obstacles to overcome to make this happen.

IT all started as we were children watching, of all things, a Lemon pledge commercial about a treehouse with a piano that was being polished with wax.  The Treehouse was glass.  And to me it was the most beautiful view of a system I ever saw.  It's virtual HE said. (It was much later before the citrus idea of servers entered the picture.)  As we listened to the pledge it showed us that the application brought out the inner beauty of the composition.

Like the Lemon Tree there are bitter sweet parts of this process.  But looking deeply at the beauty that can be found there, causes us to progress further while we wait on this:

Prepare the table, watch in the watchtower, eat, drink: arise ye princes, and prepare the shield./For thus hath the Lord said unto me, Go set a watchman, let him declare what he seeth.   [And he proclaimed:]  Babylon has fallen.
Just like we were as children, we shouldn't try to impose old ideas on new concepts.  There is nothing to stop a flat tree in a cloud from branching beyond the virtual platform.

If a dog can run with a stick, so can an application.  The PI Ano measure is the leverage gained by redistributing Power in the form of Green Technology.

The poetic mind does not mind running off of the page.

And the User needs to be willing to see beyond the edge of the book.  Like the edge of tomorrow it goes a long, long way.   As the song goes, "no one can take my freedom away.."

What we have learned is this:  Time like people is tightly woven.

Topic Summary (Don't miss illustrations)

Gap Thinking in Qve

While ROM wasn't built in a day there is a large Knowledge Gap; if bridged, would mean forward progress for everyone. Using Qve: Can we prove Intelligent Design?

I. The Gap Product: Leverage-able Components (see list)

What no one has considered how the active state and the correct manifold would work if in a different format and producing together as a gated system.  And all this sketch list of composite ideas were bridged with a complex but well defined matrix.

II. Components:  Programmable, Measurable, Map-able, Adaptive (Intelligent Design)
Mapping is a first requirement of adaptation and allows for multiple strategies in system design to emerge.

III. Ownership Concepts are demonstrable
Changes in the Field show adaptive technologies at work and Bridging the System with Pascal is fully capable to bring about new applications.

Engineering the Gap: Adaptive Construction

Whilst we appear to be presently in a GAP Union Transition, we have developed an argument that is supportive of the Engineering of the Gap as being adaptive to a constructive end. 

I. Transacting the GAP and Relevance:

A. Redistribution of Power: "Highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain."
We mean by this metaphor that events take a course that is programmed to bring about an adaptation that is actually good but forces us to be pushed beyond our bounds.

B. Measuring the Outcome

We discovered this also in a mathematical way as we developed formulas that constantly gave us back information about dates and events that were parallel.  This showed us that activities could not be random, and that time can not be interfered with arbitrarily.

  • Time is engineered
  • Activities are directed

C. Defining the Gap "thus far so nobly advanced."

...we can draw some generational and socially recognizable lines around our culture and our peoples.  These lines must be both time adjusted and functionally applied with a process of imaging that makes better use of content.

  • The best form of access is the functional practice of control.

II. Modeling the GAP  "All men are created equal."

We believe what Wernher von Braun said about people, the better form of computer is a man. 

  • Good adaptive learning programs level the field.
  • Branch mathematics allow the Quantum Cube to be operable programmatically.
  • Since our model is developed from spintronics and string production we believe that it demonstrates the viability of these standard computations.
  III. TRANSFORM: where the Gap lives "dedicate a portion of that field"

The Wall is Universal

The memorial inscription, “No day shall erase you from the memory of time” is an eloquent translation of the original Latin of “The Aeneid" by Virgil

It is based on a Formula called ONE and as a ONE system must be applicable to a UNION of all parties.  Because of this we point to our historic period as an adaptive STATE of TRANSITION.

Background: Material and Mythical Proportions of Quantum Systems: "shall not perish."

A. Storytelling continues to point to the bios relationship of the human person to the universe.

B. Storytelling often gives some idea that materials may be used in constructive and long-lived ways

C. Storytelling often gives some iconic representation

We have been reviewing the origins in the roots of historical documentation and the first evidence that we have of what we would call Cloud Technology comes about in the naming of various places and artifacts in Rome and particularly Etruscan composition

From Artifacts we derive:
ROM and REM may have been built out on the basis of Sound Engineering using a Woofer, for example, not a Wolf. The Theory here is that a Virtual component is placed into a Euclidean space that is conditioned as a receptor.

The entire idea of cube complexes is most likely related to the Time and Motion aspects of the Quantum Cube, with the Domino effect pointed to gates and time cascades.  Understanding aspects of nanotechnology help us to understand the engineering complexities of the MicroDot and its implications in view of Quantum Adaptation.

Why are people necessary to the ONE System?  The system requirements for development require an active and intelligent workforce both to build out the system and to develop sophisticated devices on a level of small and intricate compositions.  The small footprint is necessary to speed and curve requirements.

It is the "Land we do not know," that causes us the most trouble.  But there are people who go before us always who pave the way, just like the westward expansion.  More importantly, the tools we use to VIEW the future, like QVE, enable our transition.


We found that Flat Cloud Engineering could allow anything to be built with solid state engineering directly from a CADCAM or similar program and delivered to a Virtual City on a subscriber basis.  This kind of engineering could run Green Technologies, Electric Cars, and all kinds of power devices, replacing the modern computer with the Quantum CUBE.

We take the view from the Other Side of the Mountain:  No ONE will take our freedom away.

Una Paloma Blanca

When the sun shines on the mountains
And the night is on the run
It's a new day, it's a new way
And I fly up to the sun

I can feel the morning sunlight
I can smell the new-born hay
I can hear God's voices calling
From my golden sky-light way

Una paloma blanca
I'm just a bird in the sky
Una paloma blanca
Over the mountain I fly
No one can take my freedom away

Once I had my share of losing
Once they locked me on a chain
Yes, they tried to break my power
Oh, I still can feel the pain

Una paloma blanca
I'm just a bird in the sky
Una paloma blanca
Over the mountain I fly
No one can take my freedom away


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