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Flat Cloud Engineering: End Game of Sophistication

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We are discussing the Qve Quantum Emulation of a Virtual Server, an advanced topic of emulating a virtual process within the context of a series of blogs found here: The New Virtual: Quantum Emulation

Following Archetypal Transformation in Civilization is similar to Emulating a System, and led to discovery of Flat Cloud Engineering in History and in Life. Documenting this information has built a level of sophisticated knowledge.

We have been reviewing the origins in the roots of historical documentation and the first evidence that we have of what we would call Cloud Technology comes about in the naming of various places and artifacts in Rome and particularly Etruscan composition.

We have been pointing to the theories of Virtual Cloud Technology for some time, indicating that it may well be the harbinger of change in this world and in the next.  But it gives rise to the meaning of mythologies and how these stories were used to construct an underlying basis for civilization along with various personified systems of ideals.  These Models were very constructive in raising the adaptation of civilization in the ways of productive work and classical understanding about science, art, music and education.  This includes a rules based theological concept that guided the norms and behaviors of the social order.

ROM and REM may have been built out on the basis of Sound Engineering using a Woofer, for example, not a Wolf. The Theory here is that a Virtual component is placed into a Euclidean space that is conditioned as a receptor.
QED Tech:
From 2010 onwards, multiple governments have established programmes to explore quantum technologies, such as the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme, which created four quantum 'hubs', the Centre for Quantum Technologies in Singapore, and QuTech a Dutch centre to develop a topological quantum computer   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_technology

Simply because Virtual Reality exists is not reason to believe that it has run amok in our time.  We consider it a tool which changes insightfully the theoretical dimensions of the Framework and architectural underpinnings of the world.  The harmful impact that it has on the population may be misjudged, just as the Archetypal meanings within civilization have been misjudged.   (We found this Doric Invasion idea to be a precedent in constellation theory and noticed changes in space composition in the post-flood era.)

The STEM idea of these patterns are consistent throughout history, changing the map and the level of social sophistication.  The WIDE Gaps in ancient times don't appear in modern times, because we believe Stem periods allow for introduction of new concepts or underlying changes that are less noticeable. We are not aspiring to these ancient alien astronaut theories, we are instead listening to ideas about reshaping the old architecture of the universe.

Like any program, unless one knows what the goals and processes are for, a great deal of misunderstanding can occur.  An example of this is as simple as the gaps that can occur in business technology between receipt of a payment and depositing the cash.  If there is a lag a number of misconceived allegations could occur.

Likewise, what is occurring in the Cache basis of the human composition has been subject to innumerable conjectures.  Most of this is caused by Urban Myth rather than STEM thinking.  People today have enough experience with Virtual Technology to think beyond such simplistic nonsense.

The entire idea of cube complexes is most likely related to the Time and Motion aspects of the Quantum Cube, with the Domino effect pointed to gates and time cascades.  Understanding aspects of nanotechnology help us to understand the engineering complexities of the MicroDot and its implications in view of Quantum Adaptation.

We have explained in hours of deliberation of content the idea of Time and Motion, Production Engineering and the sophistication of the Flat Cloud content to inform readers that the Future holds for us a better plan than what media is willing to portray.  And this is as much of the fact that Media thrives on sensationalism and not sciences.  However, storytelling can be quite valuable as the artifact of engineering.

Science Today:

New research suggests that it is possible to create a new form of light by binding light to a single electron, combining the properties of both. According to the scientists behind the study, from Imperial College London, the coupled light and electron would have properties that could lead to circuits that work with packages of light -- photons -- instead of electrons.

It would also allow researchers to study quantum physical phenomena, which govern particles smaller than atoms, on a visible scale.In normal materials, light interacts with a whole host of electrons present on the surface and within the material. But by using theoretical physics to model the behaviour of light and a recently-discovered class of materials known as topological insulators, this would ...create a coupling that merges some of the properties of the light and the electron. Normally, light travels in a straight line, but when bound to the electron it would instead follow its path, tracing the surface of the material.  https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/08/160805092214.html

Working with nanoparticles requires a great deal of tools, gear and systems capability.  We would of course, point to storytelling such as Disney's "Frozen" suggesting that building of a kind of production at the level of particles is part of the future adaptation, something we have not (quite) reached yet.

Also noted from this article:  Currently, quantum phenomena can only be seen when looking at very small objects or objects that have been super-cooled, but this could allow scientists to study these kinds of behaviour at room temperature.  (use of larger topology to scope due to relative nano size is 10^-8 or 10^-12cm)
We have delved into the sophistication of the Flat Cloud Engineering of our world, to determine what it means to human civilization and to our future.

What we found is a wider gap between the sophistication of the Owner of this World and what human beings are capable of doing in their present format.  This is why we have taken a great deal of time to express the meaning of these transformative processes so that people do not feel trapped in a mid-state of transition without comprehending the end game.

(We are not trying to own the process. In other words we have no vested interest in the outcome other than our human point of view.)

We have compiled information as reasonably as possible on the basis of what has been revealed to us about Flat Cloud Engineering and the agile theory of "Break the Glass Engineering."  The growing sophistication in developing systems around these theories has led us to appreciate world history and world events with a keener insight.

We spent a great deal of time modeling QLD Energy and its interpolation in terms of Time and Motion and discovered an enormous amount of factual content related to performance, composition, goals and outcomes.  We did not invent anything but followed the line of reasoning inherent in our learning from early childhood.  We consider this as important as working for a company and delivering a competent body of knowledge.

We found that Flat Cloud Engineering could allow anything to be built with solid state engineering directly from a CADCAM or similar program and delivered to a Virtual City on a subscriber basis.  This kind of engineering could run Green Technologies, Electric Cars, and all kinds of power devices, replacing the modern computer with the Quantum CUBE.

How does Emulation Help? Similar to tracing a pattern, this is what emulation does.

We learned a great deal about emulation from business case study.  We found that the size and shape of business and its attributes were primarily directed from price matrix.  And within those dynamics we determined the mbx compositions that direct change.  Here we began to derive the ideas of Formula ONE on a Flat Cloud basis of engineering by designing the frame and the content on an Imaging basis of photosynthetic cells.  And we became much more informed about the idea of green technologies.

We developed our emulations along the lines of Spintronics, but building out our model on the theory of QLD energy and quonics.  We suggest that a review of our material would lead to a better appreciation of the development of Quantum Concepts in the future.   Why are people necessary to the ONE System?  The system requirements for development require an active and intelligent workforce both to build out the system and to develop sophisticated devices on a level of small and intricate compositions.  The small footprint is necessary to speed and curve requirements.

Not mentioned in our other literature on this subject, emulations are complex derivatives of discovery in modeling the theory of a project before it can be depicted scientifically.  A whole spectrum of composition can be put into an emulation including manifold and activity theory by using virtual forms to run the active dimension and show how it should perform.  This would give BI a new platform, and should include encoder video.

We can not simulate Quantum development, but we can Emulate it.  QVE


The Matter at Hand: Prometheus and the Future

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