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ART has a STEM Value in Engineering

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We are discussing the Qve Quantum Emulation of a Virtual Server, an advanced topic of emulating a virtual process within the context of a series of blogs found here: The New Virtual: Quantum Emulation

Why we can't all be Watson and why we don't want to be.  Does anyone build a System, Quantum or otherwise without Leverage?  The answer is:  What is Intuitive about Discovery? Learn more...

Art has a lot of unique value to IT, and something we notice that cults fail to reveal:  the engineering value of Art.

We took a long look at various kinds of Art to discover the story that may re-engineer the outcome.  And what we found is a long list of processes that are emulated in Art.  Can we discount the processes and only tell a one-sided tale?  Probably not, but Media seems to be doing that.  And so we have taken "the other side of the mountain" approach to say the following:
  1. In the META world what is diminished is also rebuilt
  2. The two sides of a mountain can appear to be the same, but not be in the same plane
  3. Just as in Art, the medium being used makes a huge difference to the outcome.
  4. Art is the means to emulate that which can not be discovered mathematically or with science.
  5. In Quantum Systems, Art can be the format used to actually build an object.  This is what makes design so different (and preferable) in a different Quantum format.
We learned a great deal from watching children's Art progress, and seeing what the open mindedness of children led to in discovery.  Discovery is one of the most important aspects of science and technology and something so intuitive that no Android can predict.

Fast calculations and predications, moving rapidly along manifold series, are all Android characteristics and important.  Building out complex tasks rapidly in order to match a progression that is already occurring is a placement where an Android would excel.    But matching and predicating on the past or current process is fine.  Ask an Android to tell you about a tomorrow that doesn't exist yet and they will halt.  Ask human intelligence to find or discover and they will begin to intuitively look where new information may be bridged.

This is why we point back to our Team One composition.  They began scratching into the clay a set of parameters for tomorrow, and we are still building upon that. However, we believe that Quantum is turning the corner on tomorrow.  And that is an intuitive discovery in itself.  There is a key to yesterday and to today.  But how do we discover the key to tomorrow?

The key to tomorrow is in performance.  What is there about cubism that suggests anything about performance?  It depends on how you begin to discover what performance means and how you team that up with dance, photography, systems, media editing, mathematics, physics and games.  What Android could discover from that STREAM?  Only a human being has intuitive sense along multiple fields to discover the connective value of unrelated tasks.  So as much as we might argue for AI and Watson on one hand, we have to say that if Watson came to a closed box nothing would be discovered inside.

IT is a crazy little thing called LOV(e).  People have a passionate drive and experiential knowledge that is gained nowhere else but in this crazy little world.  So depending on how you RHO a boat, you just may gently discover that people do matter, in this world and in the next.  Who knew there was a world within worlds of Euclidean design and time for everything in wheels within wheels of Discovery?  The answer is the Genius who takes one composition and turns it into another... and it gains in Functionality and Performance.  No one builds anything without LEVERAGE in IT...

And so we studied and researched Qve.  Unconvinced?  We suggest you learn more.  Did you know that the Domino Theory has more to do with Gates?  There is a great deal more to learn.  When life turns a corner it challenges EVERYTHING we know...  but it comes out different.  This has been proven over and over..

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