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Gap Thinking in Qve

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We are discussing the Qve Quantum Emulation of a Virtual Server, an advanced topic of emulating a virtual process within the context of a series of blogs found here: The New Virtual: Quantum Emulation

STRENGTH IN NUMBERS...  IT's called LEVERAGE: While ROM wasn't built in a day there is a large Knowledge Gap; if bridged, would mean forward progress for everyone. Using Qve: Can we prove Intelligent Design?

I. The Gap Product: Leverage-able Components

Once upon a time in a Galaxy Far Far Away...

Very often it seems to us that everything begins with that statement.  In 1977 we ventured out into the galaxies of itinerate knowledge with a burst of enthusiasm.  Now we tend to step back with concern.

While the Knowledge Gap has closed considerably between science and fiction, the gap in our understandable concern about the future has not.  Yet the Death Star has diminished.

Not everyone thinks placing a star upon a tree is a fine decoration.  But we noticed a long time ago it was a different kind of star and a very different kind of tree.  It was in fact a foil star on a folding tree.  There are times when we need to rewrite the facts again and again, because in 1977 they made no sense. We didn't realize the importance of Brownian Motion, architectural trees and taxonomies, or matrix composition.

People who have designed systems, applications, and logical processes for companies, do not regret mapping, or remapping.  If anything the Critical Path to fulfillment of any design is frought with transitions that we have had to live with unhappily in the world of business intelligence.  The same thing is true in the scientific world.   There is a whole forest of information standing there and no way to shine the right light on any of it.

We did notice however that the study of particles and the listing of what we know and what we don't know has shortened, but we still are missing considerable facts between various partially defined scientific theories.  Do you hear what I hear?  Probably not.

Regrettably, colonial engineering places everything eons apart in separately silo'ed quanta of information.  Is it a ONE System?  It stands to reason that it could be.  We have looked at space like a giant factory of string compression and material separation. 

What no one has considered how the active state and the correct manifold would work if in a different format and producing together as a gated system.  And all this sketch list of composite ideas were bridged with a complex but well defined matrix.

II. Components:  Programmable, Measurable, Map-able, Adaptive (Intelligent Design)
  • No one can own a ONE System.  And some of the things we have said may bear repeating.
It is not ONE giant loop, as we have identified various programmable capabilities in Qve that show a great deal of promise in bringing out a large and measurable quanta of information.  That information would help to define some of these missing parameters or shine more light on the overall purpose of tangent properties.

  • To measure a Gap you have to be able to capture the gap and define what is within the gap.

Furthermore, we have learned that you must identify, measure and define the space within the gap and determine how to condition the field. There is an entire industry just in emulation, as AI and IA can be developed to enable research.

·         We cannot run from an elusive position.

People sometimes live by a spooky premise, this is actually an error.  There is no quantitative position for expecting to become a member of a zoo.  There is a quantitative position for placing yourself behind bars and that's ridiculous...

If we suffer some setback because we were researching the future, we would really be surprised.  We have been encouraged to research, and while various members come about and taunt us, we know that transitions come and go, and the more we learn about the purpose of the ONE System the more likely we are to come around to it in a better way, (as opposed to Rusty Bucket, or Magneto, we feel that META based materials are definable.)

There is a great deal more to learn about quantum just in terms of light and sound.  Systems and Matrix design and all of it are complex and need more tools and work done.

You can't really be too old to consider this proposition because Henry Flagler developed the city of Miami and the Flagler railroad in his 80's.   Nobody's politics were in his way. How many geniuses are sitting there with nothing good to work on?

Mapping is a first requirement of adaptation and allows for multiple strategies in system design to emerge.

III. Ownership Concepts are demonstrable

There is no possible way that particles can be used productively in this format and in this world.  There is also no possible way that anyone can learn how to produce with particles without the correct server and META based format to work with (in.)  There is no chance until the transition occurs that anyone can begin the process, but understanding about it is important.  OA/s

The odds of developing this information in a sequential and productive order, producing not only a satisfactory result but a comprehensive theory of Meta based production is more than 345000 Trillion to One, based on Dealer Odds.  This means it is highly unlikely  (impossible)that any of this is made up or even possible for a person to contrive on their own.  All of our relational information can be proven from the root basis.

There are multiple Legends at work in the cultural background, especially as concerns Flatworld Technologies.  This theory is at work developing a new Quantum based system in our estimation. Changes in the Field show adaptive technologies at work and Bridging the System with Pascal is fully capable to bring about new applications.

Time may change me
But I can't trace time
I said that time may change me
But I can't trace time

Written by David Bowie

Maybe you can... Qve

Rom wasn't built in a day...


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