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Proof of ONE

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We are discussing the Qve Quantum Emulation of a Virtual Server, an advanced topic of emulating a virtual process within the context of a series of blogs found here: The New Virtual: Quantum Emulation

An inability to track and to motivate particles is an inability to use Quantum correctly.  How do we identify these problems and how does it prove the need for a ONE System? A Practical use of Quantum is derived from the control of programmable matter and nanotechnology to make Green Technology and META based productions profitable.

Greg Egan's dust theory

Was the Dustbowl a Superstitious Event?

The first known publication of the idea of event symmetry is in a work of science fiction rather than a journal of science[citation needed]. Greg Egan used the idea in a short story called "Dust" in 1992[16] and expanded it into the novel Permutation City in 1995. Egan used dust theory as a way of exploring the question of whether a perfect computer simulation of a person differs from the real thing. However, his description of the dust theory as an extension of general relativity is also a consistent statement of the principle of event symmetry as used in quantum gravity.[citation needed]
The essence of the argument can be found in chapter 12 of "Permutation City". Paul, the main character of the story set in the future, has created a copy of himself in a computer simulator. The simulation runs on a distributed network sufficiently powerful to emulate his thoughts and experiences. Paul argues that the events of his simulated world have been remapped to events in the real world by the computer in a way that resembles a coordinate transformation in relativity. General relativity only allows for covariance under continuous transformations whereas the computer network has formed a discontinuous mapping that permutes events like "a cosmic anagram". Yet Paul's copy in the simulator experiences physics as if it were unchanged. Paul realises that this is "Like […] gravity and acceleration in General Relativity — it all depends on what you can't tell apart. This is a new Principle of Equivalence, a new symmetry between observers." Wikipedia

Greg Egan's Dust is utilizing a planar system. The ONE system requires a Virtual Planar system to eliminate decoherence and derive the correct quonic driven event.  This would require QLD.

In such a state, particles can be controlled similar to an Etch-a-Sketch.  This is why we suggested the use of THE WALL project.

The REAL power of quantum is getting it out of the box.  What this means is a VIRTUAL MACHINE transformation availing itself of a production capability.

Anything less than that is delivering no value for an expensive proposition.  We are suggesting that VIRTUAL CITY is the real goal.

Time driven on a Manifold basis is a requirement but controlled with gates, proxies can be used to derive an Active State.  Time and Motion is the better form of the Quantum State. And MODULATION is a KEY to Performance.

So many valuable products can be derived in this state it is a wonder that we hesitate with a peaceful proposition.  Similar to the use of nuclear power in the 70's the change to nuclear power plants was feared but gave people the hope that harnessing the power of the atom and putting it to productive use would generate a productive world.  And it has.

What we have done in our papers is to prove that Particles can be used to build in a Virtual META State under specific conditions of QLD and correct lattice arrangements.

Developing String Theory and utilizing quantum could give us a technology to replace nuclear power.  Once again we are discussing QLD

The power of string energy | Science Illustrated  QED not QLD


May 22, 2012 - The basic elements of this theory are strings or membranes, subatomic one-dimensional energy threads. The vibrations of these strings ...

The better theory of Quantum Graphiti is the use of CAD-CAM and other systems to directly simulate the production of Virtual Machines. 

Similarly, "American Graffiti," mobility at the start of the computer age did not result in a stereo-typical society, because people are complex and far too complex for binary systems.  But it did signal the start of the A-mazing G-race.  Within the complex of Flat Cloud Engineering Quantum may be the quintessential advancement for ages to come.

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