Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Why focus on Metrics? The flatter the cloud the better the composition...

We're back to metrics again after considering several Green Technology ideas.

Working with Metrics and organizing and composing the theory of production and progression is a very big factor in VRD or variable rate demand which affects every organization and every product or service.

While SEO is an important concept in arranging a way for people to find you on the web, VRD is an important algorithm in helping you to offer them a product or service on a timely basis.

With the increase in agile demand, meeting that demand requires the ability to define your products and services for delivery in the speediest fashion possible to acquire the best ROI.

In retail it's important, in manufacturing it's imperative.

This is how we got into the modeling business in the first place.

How fast can you build a cube?  That may become the best of a series of important topics for this millenium.

In consideration of other topics not discussed here let's stop and consider some points we have developed:
  • Working on a META Basis allows the use of statistical inference, graphical interpolation and metric composition to follow the same basis.  This becomes very exciting when you consider the value of this for building and working with a VIRTUAL MACHINE
  • In a Flat Cloud arrangement (we point to the theory of QLD string) a Virtual Machine can be made, moved, changed and adapted without interrupting service. And this can be done using a Quantum Cube (at least hypothetically) and we modeled it mathematically.
  • Virtual Machines of this type offer the ability to make and model various virtual components of the Quantum Computing devices needed to generate complex manifolds and gates.
  • Lastly, photosynthetic virtualization would allow various types of imaging to project, combine and create subscriber relationships to the Flat Cloud virtual city.


How Green is a Green Technology? Photosynthesis and some other factors...

We get excited about a QLD Apple with Dynamic Quantum Windows... why? Because it's Tomorrow's Systems.  Keep Thinking Big.

We have worked through some of the ideas with a mathematical model of QLD energy.  We think it's worth a new Quantum Byte! Try a different slice of PI (Power Intelligence.)

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