Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Time and Motion: a space dynamic

We know that many people, particularly IT and Media managers, other than file compression, don't give a lot of thought to time and motion.

The reason that we mention this, is that Industry is constrained on the basis of Time and Motion factors.  A great deal of cost is associated with products because of space utilization.

But as we researched the ideas of Time and Motion we discovered that there are several ways of dealing with time that aren't ordinary in our universe except in media:

1.  Timelines
2.   Manifolds
3.   Time compression ports

These ideas are barely useful except in the meta field, but building in a designated space with a quantum computer is an idea that is interesting in view of the idea of building with nanotechnology.

Virtual Machines, Virtual ROM and RAM are ideas that we have been discussing for some time.  The  requirement for VIRTUAL MACHINES directly affects QUANTUM COMPUTING capability.

The theory that we have been espousing is that QLD methodology would remove the conflicts found in QED that may inhibit effective use of Virtual Machines and Quantum Computing. Also the Manifold approach may enhance SPEED of processing at the nanotechnology level.  QLD methodology may require a flat hydrogen atom which is an empty shell packaged with nanos "running" a daisy rho electron sequence. We have considered that the planar use of this technology may be more ideal.
Note:  we corrected this statement on 12/9/2016 JM

So we wanted to discuss the idea of agile builds and the justification of an agile build, to decide if these topics are worthwhile.  As business analysts the entire idea has great appeal.

And we want to pursue the idea of how time functionality changes the approach.

We noticed that everything can not be built at once in an agile assembly based on various types of constraints.  We can push our ideas out into blocks of time and find that we do not have the capacity to build all of our items in one year.  Or within the period of demand.

This brought us to the consideration of time scale.  While new technology can be costly, the idea of mass production usually absorbs much of the cost over a maturity curve.  So setting that idea aside for the moment let's just consider the design theory:

We would use separate timelines, i.e. three assembly operations if we could plot operations between three teams.  It would be smart to eliminate transition times and repackaging as much as possible.

But if we could use operations at the level of nanotechnology, we could begin to use quantum capability to design time on a manifold.

That idea reduces the time scale and by reducing the scale allows us to speed up the process.

Pricing is affected by the Time State of each theory.  But compressing the time scale really limits the cost of the build.  This idea seems far and away a concept that is unreachable for the time being.

But Timelines and Manifolds are a networking capability in space.  These ideas have scientific merit to them, and the lower the nano scale the more significant AI tools become.

We think it is worth discussing and emulating.  Quantum is on the move.

Green Technologies are really the next big thing...

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