Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Production Idealism is a Double Down Concept

Inside of every production cycle there lies a lot of wasted time and motion.  The problem is that it's time and motion you can't see.

The fact that I have to move my fingers to type is a waste of time and motion because I can think faster than I speak, and I can speak faster than I type.

So moving parts are a big deal.

The next idea is that I have to reach across space.   It takes time to deal with space.

The last idea is that transitions have to be packaged, and that is a lot of wasted effort.

Now we have these idealistic concepts that could change the equation, and if we substitute our imaginary number of i for those factors we can clearly see that there are barriers to achieving our goal.

 If we could set our algorithm up to just efficiently branch between each operation we could think to ourselves that a virtual and shape shifting solution would be just the answer.  It sounds ridiculous.

But the time between us (our product) and the customer is the thing that needs to go away.    And we
would start with leads and end with delivery to make that equation work better.

We may be pointing idealistically to narrowing the gap but we want to point realistically to what nano technology might actually accomplish.   And to really think differently about graphical inference.

QLD Energy may also become QLD Shield based on the arrangement.

Metrics are the key to resolving all of the distribution problems we encounter.  But we have to think through the cube.

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