Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Product Push and Pull: Time and Energy that could be digitalized

The more we studied time graphically the more we realized that reaching across time was a costly problem.

As costs rise businesses try to eliminate people from the equation.  But it may not be that intelligent minds or active producers coupled with a paycheck is the problem.  It may be more that intelligent products need a more intelligent strategy.

Deep in the world of colonial engineering lies an answer to the dilemma that nobody points to: nanotechnology.  The smaller the component utilization the speedier it progresses.  But building in the meta world would have distinct advantages.

 If packaged correctly meta material would correspond most closely with virtual compositions of meta data.

And what would that lead to?  It would be the Time and Motion Evolution of Industry.

You could move a machine with a Server.  And deliver energy in its most refined and green format.

Are we thinking like crazy people?  It's an advanced concept but one worth pointing to...

Visio:  The place where CadCam and Production meet may be one-stop shopping when we learn to get around the Cube.

Afterall the Value Chain is not improved by eliminating the consumer.


Production Idealism is a Double Down Concept

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