Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Transitioning the business is more than moving people...

We think we speak for a lot of business enterprises when we say that transitioning the business to meet today's market requirements is a difficult chore.  Should we be bigger or smaller?  How do we prepare for the next big move?  Too bad it's not just a Use Case Diagram...

But then we started to think... maybe it is.

We could build a laptop this way.  The more electronic and componetized everything becomes the more likely that components can be assembled at the last minute or just in time.

We realized that the metric world is easily aligned with graphics and meta data, and that the only thing not virtually assembled is space and volume.  So we began a long hunt for flat and tuned.

move transition2.png

This is where the key to move transition is:  eliminating the packaging of space, the redundancy of time and the carrying cost of transitioning the product.

Sounds simple?  No, but thinking through the cube is a very big help.

The proxy idea of Tools and Gears includes a little Pokémon and Wikimon thinking...


The Value of Metrics in Graphical Interpolations and Meta Compositions

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