Wednesday, December 9, 2015

2015 Topics: Working with the Cube

During 2015 we discussed various aspects of working with the cube, especially regarding dimension and demand.  We discovered that factioning in the cube can allow for variable rate demand aspects of designing programmable concepts . 

Power Intelligence aspects of cube design require:

1.  Interior and Exterior Dimensioning according to demand impact and requirement
2.  Content redesign should be intuitive
3.  An entity may be permitted access to virtual elements of the cube, but no signature should indicate location or designation of other cube parameters (extending capability of virtual machines)
4.  New Architecture could allow for more powerful formats, including better use of Euclidean space and dynamics related to simulation and data capture (previously discussed data point structures).  Also the idea of frame to frame relay in virtual design.

Other aspects of discussions included these:

Imaginary Numbers:   Used to derive formulas which can only be partially tested, Business Intelligence
The Right Tools for the Cube:  Demand Changes Dimensions, Conversion Solutions
Time and Time Again:  Virtual Content and Temporary Spaces,  Business Intelligence
Data, Space and Time, Memory:  The Requirement for Multi-Dimensional Tools, Projects

We also covered 25 aspects of working with Demand that demonstrate the need for more agile and responsive architecture and design.   These and other topics are available as shown here:

2015 Content

Other content not shown:  During 2014 and 2015 we also studied, researched and performed work on discrete quantum models as an adaptive learning process.  We began to see:

The power of the quantum cube to build plane star systems and objects from photosynthetic devices

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