Thursday, December 1, 2016

Why are Quantum Projects like Baseball?

Let's start with a sample Access program that works with a League.  Now we admit that 25+ years ago when we first started thinking about Schemas we weren't quite ready to define the industry, but we wanted people to be aware and really give databases a good pitch.  We are data oriented and not table experts, but it's time to move up to the more advanced thinking about Quantum Projects.  And that has us stepping up into a new League.

Quantum Projects cause everyone to work from multiple Views (not just multi-tasking.)  And Multi-View is a Meta glass problem. Aside from the technical aspects of Virtual Glass, this is an amazing opportunity.

Immediately we have to begin to think in Cubes, not a screen.  It is the interrelationship of the data or tables at work within the Cube that now becomes the BIG DEAL.  And this in fact leads to an interrelationship of cubes!

To play in this League, we have to become a member of a Division.  And it also means we can't be afraid of being traded.  It needs to happen often.

Because it is only by rotation that we learn how to see projects from multiple sides and Views.  You can't be an MVP by sitting on the sidelines.

Now the ball in this concept is flat, it is a patten configuration of multiple strings or streams.

Since the technology will change we don't want to limit the view.   We simply want to say that the thinking has to start somewhere.  And we're sitting within the confederated view of Microsoft Enterprise saying, let's start here.

Quantum Projects will build everything, and they will build in a Virtual City.  In fact the whole Meta Frame and interfacing for the City has to be built as well.

We know it's a paradigm.  But every paradigm begins with mapping.   We found that you can use an existing map to devise the buildout of production in a defined meta space.  We learned this by practicing the hypothetical case of a quantum the same way we learned about computer languages in college in the 70's.

Just putting intelligent minds to work on this topic will have amazing results.

Quantum is a System, and it takes Inventors to Invent before something new is born.

Baseball started with a glove, a bat and a ball.  You've got more than that.

Get to Work!  Put your ears back to the ground and listen. There are new dynamics at work.

Three reasons why Quantum Projects are like Super Plex Baseball:

1.  You have to learn to play every position at once with a LED Tech^
2.  The ball splits and threads to other venues in a field of Teams
3.  Emulation, Simulation and Time Optimization are Push/Pull Products of Strategy

One day business and science will be on the same page
(We built our graphics with a mathematical model of QLD Energy)
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