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Programmable Matter and Advanced Modeling in Qve

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We are discussing the Qve Quantum Emulation of a Virtual Server, an advanced topic of emulating a virtual process within the context of a series of blogs found here: The New Virtual: Quantum Emulation


We worked with our MBX or Formula ONE theorem to develop a number of applications that may enable Virtual Glass to be formed and used in Server Based applications.

We emulated maps and other references to a single set of spintronics data that produced a well-configured emulation of QLD Energy.

We think that Quantum Computing could move to the next level and the Quantum Cube become the real multiplex theory of production.  And so we have continued down this path in order to interest industry and the scientific community regarding problems of mutual interest in quantum.

What is Programmable Matter? 

Is it the predecessor of Virtual Glass? Are Virtual Servers Next?

Approaches to programmable matter‌
In one school of thought the programming could be external to the material and might be achieved by the "application of light, voltage, electric or magnetic fields, etc." (McCarthy 2006). For example, in this school of thought, a liquid crystal display is a form of programmable matter. A second school of thought is that the individual units of the ensemble can compute and the result of their computation is a change in the ensemble's physical properties. An example of this more ambitious form of programmable matter is claytronics, where the units in the ensemble "compute" and the result is a change in the shape of the ensemble.
There are many proposed implementations of programmable matter. Scale is one key differentiator between different forms of programmable matter. At one end of the spectrum reconfigurable modular robotics pursues a form of programmable matter where the individual units are in the centimeter size range.⁽2⁾⁽6⁾⁽7⁾⁽8⁾ At the nanoscale end of the spectrum there are a tremendous number of different bases for programmable matter, ranging from shape changing molecules⁽9⁾ to quantum dots. Quantum dots are in fact often referred to as artificial atoms. In the micrometer to sub-millimeter range examples include claytronics, MEMS-based units, cells created using synthetic biology, and the utility fog concept.   Wikipedia

KEYS We Can Emulate:

In our research we discovered that the use of Images tied to Virtual Configuration is a possible method to build in programmable matter an exact replica of an object.  But the complexity of what we envision and the ability to do so are many series of cube constructions away.

The ability to hold and to store that many points of data is far and away the requirement of being able to store information at a fine level of particulate. And so building such emulation and simulating the result, storing the instance and building on the next basis is also partly the requirement of achieving new lattices, time products and push mechanics.

We have made some suggestions for using IA as a means of acquiring a great deal of information within the process and creating that next level of production.  But once again the use of equipment keeps demanding another scale of technology.

We began to see that the use of fields was very important and that META glass would create an extraordinary lens, but that idea also is dependent on being able to meet the curve requirements, which it seemed only quark matter can do at the speed required.

In working with various ideas we realized that the Flat Cloud should enable the conformity of metrics needed to produce quantifiable scale in all maths and measures.  This was said to be a virtual requirement in a three-tiered virtual machine rotation.  This led us to benchmark some variables that we feel relate to Pascal, to Quanta, and to Branching.

Mathematical branching is by far the most interoperable method of programming, allowing for the use of mapping arrangements that become electronically motivated (hopefully by quonics at some point) to eliminate the need to constantly mask the effect of ambient tendencies.

Machines which build machines is an important level of adaptation in computing, because it allows for that progressive problem that constantly corrects itself and versions itself to meet a market requirement.  Believing that a workforce is not necessary in a quantum world is a fallacious argument because machines are only tools to human intelligences.  And human intelligences are only tools to Frame enhanced intelligences that combine and produce gear.  But nothing stops the requirement for an inside intelligence.

Machines can not discover, create the kind of real inferences that can emulate the next argument or perceive the objects of simulation in various modes of realism.

Replication is a science that must be carefully orchestrated (obviously,) as we have seen the objects of programs get carried away in difficult real time.  These ideas are things discussed in science fiction that show an obvious requirement to have those virtual machines that stop processes, reverse outcomes and eliminate certain tendencies.

We wonder if Nikola Tesla worried about ISO standards in the future, or was the future still too complicated for that model to be ensured?  But the future happened as progression in each Stem period has continued...

Movies, television, story-boarding and programs are methods to enable emulation.  The military is often convinced that the worst host of all production is the world of evil, but we generally believe that evil has its roots in the undercarriage of consequence.  We believe that the defeat of the problems of the QED universe is based on packaging the QLD universe.

Because of this we worked on this series of entries, believing that sustainability and permanence may find the conclusion of time and material here, while a new quantum awaits.  From what we have been taught, emulating in this world is a key to the experience required for the next, where flatworld takes on new meaning.


Advanced Modeling Methods need to take on the New World. 


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