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Prosperity will come from the Quantum Cube and it starts here...

Before we get very deep into Quantum Thinking, let's mention some ideas about Quantum that we either forgot to say, said before but not here, and develop some new ideas:

  1. The New Virtual is Quantum Based and may not have atomicity as it's architecture
  2. IT may be based on QLD or particle string and not QED atomic string (which we mention later.)
  3. We have mentioned that Quantum has to be built with a configurator and not by vector, but that is confusing to some people.  What we mean is that you are building dimensional objects that may not be the same on every side.
  4. Manifold Engineering is also a large part of the way Quantum is built because it scales the project to be built out much faster and it is a TIME based META Frame.
  5. Quantum can lead to building objects that dance about in free space, and could walk across your actual desk.  Obviously, the system has to have controls about what it allows such objects to do. (Don't expect that this is anarchy, because there will always be rules.)

Quantum building will progress with the idea that the CUBE is well defined by a number of points.These points can be expressed by Pascal's Triangle (a mathematical theory) or by like models such as the Business Cube.  We express and define the business cube above like the models we have developed and worked with.  But there are other configured ideas we have modeled as well that show how the interior cube and the exterior cube relate.

(Remember that we are starting a prototype process for a virtual cube map in Quantum MetaFrame)

But to begin with our most common expression of the CUBE we will note that maps, cartography, and comprehensive models that simulate the application of what you are building are the way to begin.   Here in this Business Model we are identifying interior points of reference that demonstrate the rules for building conversion in the business.  The yellow line shows Cash flow and the orange line shows how Working Capital is Reserved.  The blue bridge between the external customer and the business brings in the cash flow while the green bridge between the business drivers and the financing of the business determine business funding.  So we can see that the interior functionality of the business cube is bridged by connectors that are very large BRANCH FACTORS that determine both access to the business, and how it operates.  We are also demonstrating that some sort of hedging is necessary to secure the external relationships that impact the business or CUBE.

One of the ways to envision working with a cube is as if you are a designer with multiple pencils that you put into the design that give you multiple VIEWS.  Each pencil helps you to define a relationship between the walls or the interior nodes that operate the CUBE.  Some of these relationships may impact the CUBE from an external source.  These relationships must be SECURED.

One of the Building Tools that we have learned about are based on the idea of Pencils and we have referred to them as Pigeon Pencils for a specific reason (later.)  We have created a specific relationship in tiers that allow us to work with the modeling of Quantum based theory to build objects that are functional in (what is to now) a hypothetical case.  In the beginning of computer language people learned to work with hypothetical languages to perform data processing tasks.

Functional Machines operate in Quantum based on the CUBE design and the idea of scalars and other dynamic ideas are based on being able to model, emulate and simulate these ideas before producing them.  In order to work with these designs we have to think in Tiers and develop with multiple functions.  This means we have to stretch our imagination beyond the VIRTUAL WALL.

We use the idea of Pigeon Pencils because we have to think about a bird dancing on different branches of our CUBE.  This becomes a dynamic with a machine and it is built on a 3 tiered frame.  We have modeled this to the extent that we have defined points and functionality within a frame and looked at the functionality in terms of the mathematical modeling of a conversion tool.

We are sharing these ideas with you because this represents the future of quantum adaptation.  We want you to be aware of this thinking and continue to build on and understand our research.  We have used the same performance design throughout our modeling so that you can follow the results.  In other words our parameters are the same throughout so that our metrics, matrix, methods and maps will match. 

We also want to explain the underlying theory better, so that we can alleviate fears that people may have of quantum and particles.  The subject begins to take shape in other blog entries we have here. Nothing was invented without the comprehensive treatment of safety features following suit, and here we can point back to the beginning of power generation when people had to learn everything from the very beginning.


Why are Quantum Projects like Baseball?

"Ah, snatch the pebble from my hand, Grasshopper!"  We hope you will!

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