Sunday, December 6, 2015

Imaginary Numbers

Imaginary Numbers (i) are not imaginary in the first place.  They may contain a function that is not practically understood.  In other words, they don't represent one number but a series of algorithms.  A curse may be an algorithm we don't understand, i.e. we can be told that fairies are imaginary, and find that the truth is not bending reality but working with phenomenon (undefined archen-clature) that can have consequences.  For example I may be calling something blue and it is not blue at all.  There is a virtual reality we do not see, such as i^7.

As children we learned to do many different types of tasks like connecting dots and painting by numbers once we understood the number line.  We could see that it could proceed infinitely in either of two directions.  Possibly we were not told for some time that it could proceed infinitely in every direction but scale was taught by drawing grids and defining the scale and eventually we caught on to graphing.
It may not make sense to us that different realities exist.  Paranormal events would be called ghosts even by the ghost busters when they aren't running the show.   Time and the use of time can be manipulated by using different scales.  And while it is true that evil has unmasked the world, our lack of control doesn't preclude knowing the difference between epic and apelike.

In the parametric world imaginary numbers are used to derive portions of formula that can't be visibly tested or understood except by their effect.

What has escaped our attention may be the following:
  1.  The difference between temporary and permanent goals in development
  2.  The goal of temporary events to turn things around
  3.  The consequences of an alternate reality
  4.  The reason for learning in an adaptive environment
  5.  Creating new scales and programs (deriving technology from technology such as color to color binary code or quasi quantum) 

Obviously, purple is a color too, and measured in hertz.

Scientists only appreciate a hard faceted technical explanation of anything.  But like most technologists learning to think in between science and application causes a kind of gap, both in the ability to explain what can be intuitively understood and the inability to communicate the gap, in measurable or finite terms.

But no one builds something new without a complete reinvestment in the use of time and energy.  And within that reinvestment is trial and error, learning and testing, on many different levels.  To re-tool in a cube it may be necessary to work in spaces never yet devised. And it may also be necessary to reinvent the cube by turning over time.

Columbus thought the world was flat at one time, and the reason for that was possibly because of the plane. The world consisted of Europa looking for a trade route to India.  But they thought they would fall off the edge of the plane.  And of China using a Silk Road they constructed a wall, a containment. We aren't able to measure everything, anymore than Columbus could.  But with an intuitive idea he and certain others began to explore the possibilities that the earth was round.  And that led to a closing of a gap.


How did the gap close?  They began to think and measure differently, constructing charts and making tools.

In discovering the meta wall, we found that there were gaps in quantum technology.  We also found that there may be needed ways to work with quantum that requires special tools and perhaps a different type of meta environment.  We wondered about this because to build virtually a virtual environment is required.  This would require a departure from clayture and lithic systems.

So, as did perhaps some other people thinking about this gap, it has occurred to us that this universe may not be the end all and be all of it all.  After all, quantum is very clumsy here. And we are being led to work with quantum technology but perhaps more slowly than we would wish.  And that primarily because it is so dangerous, we came to see the universe as a kind of factory.  But we learned that it is a factory of ancient technologies.

We also learned that for technologies to improve or be upgraded, the lower set of mechanics is handed over to improve the worker base, and the higher set is explored by the adept at research.  We came to understand that string can be entirely composed of energy, creating a "material effect" without the use of material.  The idea of QLD Energy may begin with particle containment and a meta wall, then the type of environment that would allow meta string base.

We thus came to the conclusion, with some pushing, that quantum is a technology that is best worked in another environment, by people not in this format.  And that we don't like change, but the work sounds fairly interesting.  So we keep studying about it. 

Simply because we have an imaginary number, does not make it a fairy tale. And the idea that the maker of this world has everything he needs, and wishes to burn us to rubble, simply doesn't jive with the knowledge he gives us (in our implicit inner state nor in our explicit mind.)  He wishes to torture us forever with our stupidity?  Or he wishes to program and transition us to work within a different quantum recipe?

So Formula One continues to intrigue us, and like Columbus we keep taking a peek over the edge of tomorrow. 

 (i) The term "imaginary number" now means simply a complex number with a real part equal to 0, that is, a number of the form bi

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